Ismail Hashim who has been working in the industries for 12 years and currently hold senior position as Staff Engineer. Graduated from University Technology Malaysia in 2002, joined Hitachi, Penang to serve his scholarship agreement for 3 years and finally decided to leave the company and joined Infineon, Kulim for better position. Through the years he built up his strength in IC manufacturing and now strongly manage a group of engineers for IC analysis section. His aim for the ultimate position in Infineon is to be Regional Engineer. His belief and hardworking becomes the key factor for successful carrier. A short discussion between writer and the person has been carried out and the summary of the discussion are outlined as follow:


What are the main products of Infineon?

Infineon is specializing in IC manufacturing for automotive, power IC and microcontroller.


What is the current trend of transistor sizing?

It is entirely depends on the application of  device. The smallest size which has been successfully fabricated is 25 nm. However Power Device such as IGBT emphasize bigger size to compensate the current drive for the high power application. Range size that being used would be 200 nm 350 nm.


Through your years of service in IC failure analysis,  what is your recommendation on subject contents for undergraduate studies?

Graduate who wish to join this industries must have strong foundation on semiconductor physic.  A lot failures involves with analyzing the contents of the semiconductor materials. Deep knowledge in this topic would certainly help the engineers to diagnose and treat the failure faster and accurate. In few cases, the solution is critically needed and ultimately cut down the cost of manufacturing.


What others skills that graduate must have?

A lot of machines and equipment in the production requires pre-programmed, code installation and etc. The process of this task requires knowledge in basic programming. Graduate must have strong knowledge in programming especially C++, python, or Visual Basic. Some engineers involve with equipment on maintenance and servicing. The performance is measured and based on the frequent of machine breakdown and how fast the  process of keep it up back to production.


How do you feel the environment of the work place in Infineon?

I have been working with two different companies.  Before I worked with Hitachi which was Japan based factory. Japan companies have strong believe on punctuality and most of the staff are struggling. The culture to perform makes them to extend their working time everyday. However in Infineon, the people are very flexible and  promote friendly environment.  Each staff being motivated with carrier path, training and new salary scheme. The company emphasizing “High Performance Behavior” as work ethic model in order to increase production. In general Japan and German are considered as successful nations in industry. Both cultures are workable . However I tend to choice German company as better place in term of their human touch.


Last but not least  what is your advice to the young graduate who wish to join Infineon?

Graduate must prepare themselves to understand the environment in the company. Outcomes are  counted to justify your contribution. Company is expecting maximum contribution for the growth of the company. Graduate also should build up their time management and becomes main character to show their seriousness. Late is not compromise at all. Life long learning is strongly encouraged to ensure the knowledge is up to date.