Shogun-From Military superior to technology innovator

There are many great innovators in Japan particularly from Hamamatsu. What so special about them is their spirit of fighting

Japan is known as country with rising Sun. Those who lives in Japan will see the Sun in the morning  cause Japan is the first country facing the pacific ocean. The people believe that the rising Sun bring them brightness and happiness. Many years after world war 1, Japan gear up their people to innovate. The government encourage their people to learn technology especially from USA . The strategy was quite simple, live, gain and come back. After world war 2, they start  to take off their own industries particularly in automotive industries, machines and electronic appliances. In 70’S Japan products Sony, Toyota, Honda, Nissan start to dominate the world. What make their industries successful  within 10 years? Is it the people, or the hardship after losing the war, the language,  their innovative culture or the governance policy ?

Hamamatsu is the place in Japan that grow up numbers of 1st Class innovators
The story of Toyoda … the man behind the  industries of Toyota

Among the great innovators in Japan who hold the brand name such as Toyoda, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and etc. They have great stories that inspire their people to inculcate their characters as a role models.  One of them who has great story is Toyoda, Toyoda began with innovating loom machine. Before world war II, Japan was actively involved in textile industries. Loom machines were used to manufacture fabric and people were facing with slow machine due to non-efficient mechanical functions. Toyoda who lived with poor family observed his mother using the machine everyday.

The True Story About Malaysian Engineer Working Life  in An Automotive Industry, Japan

Three Malaysian shoguns have brave heart to take a big challenge working in an Automotive Company in Japan. Graduated in 2014 from Tokai University, Shimuzu , Japan under Yayasan Pelajaran MARA (YPM) have decided to start their first working journey in Japan. What make them to work and live in Japan? There is no other reasons except the opportunity to gain knowledge and technology.

Japan is well known as the main exporter of Car Industries in the world.  For that reason the technology of car industries have grown tremendously after world war II in Japan. The secret of the technology is not entirely came from the knowledge of science but partly initiated from the spirit of innovators. Toyoda was one of the innovators who has spirit of never give up. He started his innovation with loom machines and eventually establish a top model of  car known as Toyota. The story of Toyoda inspire the three Malaysian Shoguns to join  Kawamura Kako Autoparts, Fukuoka as Mechanical Engineers.  Mohammad Adam, Sarhan and Fakhruradzi are the three Tokai University graduates who believe that they will come back to Malaysia with the spirit of  shogun.

Adam is in-charge in maintenance unit for Mold machines. He has been trained to look after the machines include servicing, cleaning and installation. The hard work under supervision of tough Japanese Supervisor allow small room for mistake.  Small mistake is not compromised at all. The second barrier that he faced in the company is language. Although he has good command in Japanese language after five years learning the language, the breakdown communication is still happen. Japanese is practicing difference version of accent, speed and pronunciation which  make beginners difficult to understand. Miscommunication often led misunderstanding that end-up with Japanese temperament.  During Malaya era, Japanese temperament is well known as “Penampar Jepun”.


Contact Person:

Fakhruradzi ( 2nd from right)

Former student SBPI, Tokai University

Mohammad Adam (Middle)


Former student SBPI Rawang, Tokai University

Sarhan (2nd from left)

Former student SBPI, Tokai University

Kawamura Kako Autopart INC