An academic visit to Japan  representing UniKL/MARA with the support of OISCA has been carried out from 23rd March till 30th March 2014. Two team members, Prof. Dr. Azanam Shah Hashim, Deputy President UniKL (Academic & Technology) and Prof. Dr. Mohd Amir (UniKL BMI) were involved in the visit. One officer from OISCA, Ms Tamayo, accompanied the team for the whole visit.

Tokyo City University. The visit started with the nuclear plant of Tokyo City University. The plant is manned for training facilities which includes measurement equipment of nuclear radiation and simulator lab for 1000 KW nuclear reactor.

OISCA Office. The second schedule was a courtesy visit to meet OISCA Secretary General at OISCA office, Tokyo. Secretary General of OISCA briefed the function of the organization as Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) who looks after human support in ASEAN regions. He made a short discussion on HALAL project with MARA in which UniKL is keen to participate particularly for HALAL certification process. Prof. Azanam briefed on the existence of INTEM with ten food manufacturing lines and the intention of INTEM to be a HALAL validation centre.

University of Hokkaido. The third visit was to University of Hokkaido to mainly explore  new university linkages for postgraduate placement and research activities. The university is well known as top 10 universities in Japan.

TDDI Hokkaido. The next visit was to TDDI Company in Hokaido. A presentation was made by  Mr. TOSHO on Termo-Electric Devices and its future application. The team members from TDDI who were involved in the meeting and discussion  were Hiroshi Emoto (expert 2), Koji Yanase, Tsuyoshi TOSHO (expert 1) and Koji Yanase (President) and Yoshikuni Katsu (consultant).A Joint agreement between UniKL and TDDI was proposed and the details of the contents are outlined in the following section.


Miscellaneous Educational Visits. The fourth visit was to several historic technology museums at Hamamatsu such as local founder Toyoda who initiated the setting up of Toyota Company. Other places were Suzuki Museum and TV laboratory. The team also made two visits to attachment companies for IKTM apprentices. The details of the visit are highlighted in the following section.

University of Shizuoka. The final visit was to University of Shizuoka. The representative from International office Prof. Akira Nakayama briefed on the university’s role for international network. He mentioned the fund from the university to support research students who have been selected to study in the university. They appreciate if Unikl can participate in the future to capitalize the fund for the benefit of both sides. He also shared the formation of academic group between the university and other experts from Asean region which is conducted annually. The meeting ended with  particularly to research labs of the two professors. Few research students involved during the visit to share their research work.


The family of Honda


Loom Machines


Discussion with The dean of Suzuka Engineering Dept


Loom Machine in Trials


Are we ready for this?

Young Malaysian shogun:

The True Story About Their Working Life  in An Automotive Industry, Japan

Three Malaysian shoguns have brave heart to take a big challenge working in an Automotive Company in Japan. Graduated in 2014 from Tokai University, Shimuzu , Japan under Yayasan Pelajaran MARA (YPM) have decided to start their first working journey in Japan. What make them to work and live in Japan? There is no other reasons except the opportunity to gain knowledge and technology.

Japan is well known as the main exporter of Car Industries in the world.  For that reason the technology of car industries have grown tremendously after world war II in Japan. The secret of the technology is not entirely came from the knowledge of science but partly initiated from the spirit of innovators. Toyoda was one of the innovators who has spirit of never give up. He started his innovation with loom machines and eventually establish a top model of  car known as Toyota. The story of Toyoda inspire the three Malaysian Shoguns to join  Kawamura Kako Autoparts, Fukuoka as Mechanical Engineers.  Mohammad Adam, Sarhan and Fakhruradzi are the three Tokai University graduates who believe that they will come back to Malaysia with the spirit of  shogun.

Adam is in-charge in maintenance unit for Mold machines. He has been trained to look after the machines include servicing, cleaning and installation. The hard work under supervision of tough Japanese Supervisor allow small room for mistake.  Small mistake is not compromised at all. The second barrier that he faced in the company is language. Although he has good command in Japanese language after five years learning the language, the breakdown communication is still happen. Japanese is practicing difference version of accent, speed and pronunciation which  make beginners difficult to understand. Miscommunication often led misunderstanding that end-up with Japanese temperament.  During Malaya era, Japanese temperament is well known as “Penampar Jepun”.


Contact Person:

Fakhruradzi ( 2nd from right)

Former student SBPI, Tokai University

Mohammad Adam (Middle)


Former student SBPI Rawang, Tokai University

Sarhan (2nd from left)

Former student SBPI, Tokai University

Kawamura Kako Autopart INC